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Do you feel stuck in your faith walk?

You STILL don’t hear God speaking to you? You’re confused about your purpose? The Bible isn’t making sense to you? The information isn’t sticking? You’re not motivated to read the Word? You go hard with your Bible reading routine for about a week, and then you fall off for one reason or another?  You go to church twice a week, and you still feel worried, confused, and powerless? You’re tired of religion and you know there HAS to be more to Christianity than what you’re experiencing?

Did I get it? Is that you?

I want to share with you EVERYTHING I’ve learned about #levelingup in my faith walk. Here’s my experience on a daily basis:

  • I hear His voice clearly
  • The Holy Spirit reveals things to me every time I open my Bible (the Bible breathes in my face!)
  • My hunger for Him & my discipline game spending time with Him is on one hunnit (hundred…lol)
  • AND…I’m living my best worry and confusion-free life

Is it good to you yet??


Much love,
His Daughter

P.S. If you have a friend or family member who’s tired of doing the “religious” dance, send them the link to join the course.  How awesome would it be to experience  #spiritualgains with someone you know? Let’s do this! 💪

CLICK HERE if you want my help #levelingup in your faith walk in 49 days! Let’s make it happen!

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