How To Develop History With God


Many people want to have a relationship with God where they are walking, talking, and hearing Him as though He is a “physical” person on this planet. Is that too much to ask?

Absolutely NOT! Intimacy with Our Heavenly Father is a part of our blood-bought birthright!

Matthew 27:51 says, “At that moment the curtain in the sanctuary of the Temple was torn in two, from top to bottom. The earth shook, rocks split apart,”

Above all, the tearing of the veil at the moment of Jesus’ death dramatically symbolized that His sacrifice, the shedding of His own blood, was a SUFFICIENT atonement for your sins & mine. Ayyyyeeeee!!! #gamechanger

It signified that now the way into the Holy of Holies was open for ALL people, for all time, both Jew and Gentile. It’s essentially saying, YOU can have intimacy with Our Heavenly Father. There’s NO MORE veil.

A part of enjoying intimacy with Our Abba Father is developing “history” with Him. Think about it. The people in your life, in whom you truly enjoy intimacy with-you have history of some sort with them. It’s not necessarily “extensive history,” but it is “quality history” with them. Do you have intimacy with someone you just met at the grocery store? Probably not.

Ok, I hear you Tasha, but how do I build “history” with God?

Well, this post would be waaayy too long if I tried to word vomit the ENTIRE process right now, but I’ll certainly get ya started! If you’re still interested in me personally guiding you through the process, I’ll share an opportunity with you.


Steps To Develop History With God

  1. Acknowledge Him as your Saviour.– How you see Him is EXTREMELY important, & correlates to the degree you’ll be able to RECEIVE from Him. When you see Him as your Lord, Your loving Abba Father, King Jesus-the name ABOVE EVERY name-you’ll open yourself up to connecting with Him. Connection is a precursor for developing “history” with anyone.
  2. Read His Word.– How can you expect to develop history with a person whom you don’t even know THEIR history?? You don’t get into a relationship & try to build “new history” with someone if you don’t have some degree of understanding of their past. The Bible clearly shows us God’s history.
  3. Take risks with Him.-This is probably the LARGEST step. You can’t marinate in fear when you’re walking with God. Remember in 2 Timothy 1:7 where it says, “For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.” You may have “moments” of being afraid, but you have to push through that and marinate in the spirit of love, power, and a sound mind that He’s given you. You have to be brave enough to take risks on what you believe He is speaking to you. You’re not always going to be 100% sure that He said it, but there are ways to qualify what you hear Him saying to the point where you ALSO need to take action on what you believe He said. Walking by faith comes with falling. Just get use to it & know that He’s PROMISED you that He’ll always be with you to pick you back up if you let Him.

I hope this gets you started on your journey of developing history with Him. I promise you it is an AMAZING, SUPERNATURAL, EXHILARATING JOURNEY! You’ll NEVER want to go back to doing life the way you use to do it once you get a taste of Him in this way.

For anyone who is serious about developing AUTHENTIC, TRUE INTIMACY with Our Heavenly Father, and I mean you are HUNGRY for this NEW, CLOSE, PERSONAL, SUPERNATURAL, LOVING, & POWERFUL relationship with Him, I invite you to join my Faith Walk It Out Mentorship which is gearing up to accept mentees for the summer session!

Just like some students need additional tutoring to understand academic concepts, sometimes adults need mentorship in a way where you can receive one on one guidance so you can develop and go to the next level of spiritual growth. There’s nothing wrong with getting help doing that. Would you tell your child there’s something wrong with them if they need afterschool tutoring? Of course not. We all learn differently, and sometimes we need additional intervention outside of the larger classroom (church.)

I invite you to schedule a call with me, so we can gauge if we’re a great fit to work together & I can share all the deets! Gon’ head and take the first step in faith! I’m so excited for you!

CLICK HERE so we can chat!

With love,

His Daughter

Author: LHD

Queen. Woman. Liberated. Dreamer. Passionate. Lover of humanity. Elevated in truth. Educated. Courageous. Fierce. Optimistic. Warrior. Determined to become all my Lord and Saviour has created me to BE.

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