It’s My Birthday!!!


Today begins a brand NEW journey for me! It is OFFICIALLY my birthday!!!! “Go shawty, it’s ya burrfday!”  Lol.

Grab a snack. It’s about to get goooooood!

A question was posed to me recently, that I believe you should pose to yourself as well. “What is the MAIN theme of your life?”

I thought for a while and jotted down a few ideas, but then my Daddy God and I went in deep. Yall, already know! When you go deep with Abba, ain’t no turnin’ round. #sheesh

He showed me the theme of my life up until today has been “striving.” If you don’t know me that well-I’m a very accomplished woman -in which I give ALL the credit to Him because the things that I’ve done and experiences I’ve had have been nothing short of His glory radiating through my life. (I have stories to make your jaw drop for days!)

Ever since I can remember, I’ve always been extremely ambitious, determined, disciplined, and diligent. A part of that is in my DNA. Some of it is in my God design, but a great deal of it is in my carnality-my human (fleshly) nature. Once I got a taste of what “focus” could do, it was a wrap! #getthatballouttahere #bam Lol!

I was always one of those “silent storms.” You saw me coming, but you had NO IDEA how I was getting ready to shake the game upside down. That is, until I SHOOK it!

I could do an entire video explaining this, but I’ll leave it at this. Never seek validation or approval from human beings, consciously or subconsciously. Why? They don’t carry the ABILITY to approve you. Matthew 3:17 says, “And a voice from heaven said, “This is my Son, whom I love; with him I am well pleased.” God approved Jesus BEFORE His Earthly ministry even began! Pay attention-that was BEFORE He ever performed miracles, signs, or wonders, AND BEFORE He went to the cross to be crucified!

Similarly, He approved you BEFORE He ever designed you! The intensity of His love towards you will NEVER fluctuate. If you don’t do another single thing on this planet, understand that He still approves and loves you. Yes, He wants you to be a good steward over your design. Yes, He wants you to be fruitful, but none of that changes the measure of love He has for you.

Fast forward to the last few days, and my Heavenly Father has given me the new theme of my life starting with my birthday (today) and extending all the way through my life into eternity. Spill the beans already! Ha! I’m getting there.

The theme that He has given me is love. This is a lot deeper than I initially understood, and I wish I could articulate it how He is giving it to me, but I’d need to do a video for that. Here’s the easiest way for me to explain it-God in and of Himself is defined as LOVE. If He is the definition of love and manifests as love, so will I.

Love is deeper than reading a bunch of books about it and studying it in order to “perform” as love. Love is a journey, not a destination. Love is GOD. Love is a developmental process. Love is a shedding and gaining continuum. As I embark on this new journey of being love, I fully commit to the risk. I say yes to not getting it right every time, but humbling myself to be taught. I say yes to the vulnerability. I say yes to patience. I say yes to the beauty of this evolution.

Happy Birthday to me & beginning a brand new journey I never imagined possible for the glory of my Heavenly Father! I’m BEYOND EXCITED for ALL that is traveling towards me in love.

Now I ask you- What has been the MAJOR theme of your life up until this point? Has He given you a new theme or has He said to continue with the theme you have? I’d LOVE to hear from you!

With love,

His daughter

Author: LHD

Queen. Woman. Liberated. Dreamer. Passionate. Lover of humanity. Elevated in truth. Educated. Courageous. Fierce. Optimistic. Warrior. Determined to become all my Lord and Saviour has created me to BE.

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