Boo’d Up: Holiday Edition!



Here it is, just as I promised! The Boo’d Up Holiday Edition! Whoop, whoop! If you’re single, check out the “Living Single: Holiday Edition”  post I wrote by clicking HERE.  I told, you. I made sure everyone was covered. *wink* Well, let’s not waste any time! Whether you are married, engaged, or courting your soon to be hubby or wifey, this post will give you some unique, fun, and inexpensive ways to enjoy this holiday season! Leggo!

  1. Game Night– I mean what is the holiday season without some fun & healthy competition? Ha! The great thing about this one is it’s super inexpensive! Grab some old skool board games, some warm drinks, pull out the gaming station (I will whoop anyone at the dancing games on X box… don’t want none of this! Lmbo!), round up some snacks, drop some holiday beats in the background & you have your perfect “in home” date night! Heeeeeeeyyyy!!
  2. Go ice skating– During the holidays there’s always at least one location that offers outdoors or indoors ice skating. Plus, you don’t even have to be a pro to try it out. Isn’t it more romantic when the both of you are caught looking like toddlers learning to walk again? Or maybe that’s just embarrassing?! At any rate, whether you’re a beast at keeping your balance or you teeter with every step, at least you’ll get to hold hands. Ain’t nothing wrong with a little physical touch honey. (Hand touching rigghhhhttt…lol)
  3. Christmas lights- One of my favorite past times as a child was driving around to look at Christmas lights. There’s just something so nostalgic and calming about looking at colorful lights. I think some people literally put away a savings account to pay for their December light bill for this reason. Hey, do what your wallet can handle. Lol. Anyways, this is a great opportunity for you and your boo to reminisce on great memories and even create new ones. Grab a warm drink from Starbucks or even your own house- if you’re trying to save those coins, and hop in the car. Crank up the heat and let the gratitude roll off your tongue. Am I the only one that gets excited about this kind of stuff?? (Tip: Don’t forget to fill up the gas tank!)
  4. Movie Night– So I’m the type of woman who gets hype off the simple things, but I like to make a production of the simple things if you know what I mean. Grab your favorite holiday flicks, a cuddly blanket, some fluffy pillows (if you’re courting your boo-set a curfew. Don’t let things get too and set up shop in front of the Christmas tree. Ok, so here is where I get a lil “extra.” Make a drink bar with hot cocoa and all the fixins! Here’s my fav–white hot chocolate with vegan marshmallows. Get creative though…hot chocolate with candy cane pieces, peanut butter cup crumbles, chocolate chip shreds, sprinkles, whipped cream, cinnamon, ect. I have ideas for days! Add a simple food buffet on the bar and grab your boo and cozy up! Am I the only one who LOVES cuddling?
  5. Volunteer Together– Tis the season to give! This is a perfect date that doesn’t cost anything and it gives you that warm and fuzzy feeling because you’re serving. I believe this is a beautiful experience for a couple to share. Pick out a location that pulls on both of your heartstrings and let your compassion pour out. Here are a few ideas of locations: Ronald McDonald’s Children’s Home, Children’s Hospital, battered women shelters, animal shelters, food banks, local churches, and homeless shelters.

Y’all already know, I have an endless list of ideas. Comment below if you’d like me to share more. Also, drop your best ideas below! Enjoy!


In love,

His Daughter


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